About the Artist

Shastina is currently a traveling artist living in a van in the United States and doing pop up street vending wherever she goes. 

Her art spans across many mediums with a common thread of connecting with the beauty of nature and spreading heart centered messages to help humanity live in a more beautiful world. 

Since beginning traveling in 2021 she has been focusing on creating "Sol Sticks," solar burned art on driftwood with a magnifying glass. Using the sun to infuse her prayers into wood shaped by water, she is sharing messages of heart centered living wherever she goes. She also creates drawings on pieces of driftwood, highlighting forms that are already there in the wood that reveal themselves through a soft gaze and an intuitive openness to what form wants to arise. 

When the conditions are favorable for painting she loves to create both abstract and representational acrylic paintings that highlight the beauty of the natural world around us. They are a reflection of the inherent spirituality that arises when we connect with our connection to the natural world.